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About Tattoo Brighton:

Tattoo Brighton. I have so much respect for people whose vanity is such that they would indelibly mark their skin just to look good. I like to look good. I like fashion. I see tattooing as the ultimate fashion statement. It is the ultimate artform. Your body is a canvas. Tattooists are artists and their tattoo parlours are art studios. Because I am a bit picky about this stuff I am only using quality images of quality work, the photos have to be as good as the tattoos that they depict .

I started this blog on a whim but have become more and more impressed by the art of tattooing. It makes beautiful people more beautiful. Sites such as Suicide Girls have really tapped into a rich vein

Please feel free to submit images to me for inclusion on this site.

Tattoo parlors, shops and studios in Brighton. Magnum Opus: a great work, and why not if you have to live with it for ever it should be a Magnum Opus Tattoo. Punktured: wholly holy holes. Inka: not to be confused with Ink-D. Nine: cats lives and marks out of ten. Skin Candy: sweet as. Blue Dragon: lays golden eggs. Penetration: enough said I think. The Wizard of Ink: magic potions, dark arts. Wildcat Collection: old school pussy parlor. Into You: let's go there with the penetration theme or if it's your first time then Punktured first. Angelic Hell: angels and demons it's a good/bad dichotomy. Temple Tattoo: come and worship at my altar, sacrifice your blood upon my stones. City Tattoo: so very urbane, sex and the city, sex in the city sexy cities. Reality Tattoo: and why not? It's not all make believe now is it? Which leaves the Brighton Tattoo Convention: the uber cool super-duper gathering of like minded minds in the City by the Sea. It's like a zoo or maybe a safari park because you can mingle with the exhibits. Be careful that the monkeys don't pull off your windscreen wipers. The is a transient art gallery exhibition with human canvases. See you there.... or be square, or be square and be there if that is your bag.

A Short History of Tattooing
The firs recorded tattoos were found on the fossilised skin of early cave dwellers dated from around 50,000 years ago. It is believed that they used the ribs of small animals (squirrels) dipped into pigment as their "Tattoo Guns". The most popular designs - from the few samples recovered - appear to be skulls and roses on the lower back.

X Pole

I've got a new hobby and maybe I'll get quite good, but for now I'm just practicing. It's a pole and everything else is probably self explanatory. Dancing poles are the future..... Especially the X-Pole Sport sold by those lovely folk here . I think the tattoo X-Pole link is all about showing off - and that is the best connection I can come up with between pole dancing and tattoos!

Next onto the tattooing scene were Babylonian fishermen. They thought that tattoos would ward off bad spirits and attract fish into their nets. The method they used was closer to branding because a hot blade was dipped in ink before carving into the epidermis. One of the most popular Babylonian designs was an armband just above the biceps depicting a chain of elephants although some sub-tribes preferred a barbed wire effect. And I haveejust been offered a challenge which I've called the Nitrous Oxide Challenge!